Why Should I hire a birth photographer?

Bringing a life into the world is a big job! When you hire a photographer to document your birth, you're freeing your partner to be completely present during your experience. My job is to capture your birth so you are free to be fully in the moment. 

What does "On-call" Mean?

From 37 weeks until the baby is born I am attached to my phone awaiting your call that you're heading to the hospital. From there, we will stay in contact until you're around 6 cm.

When will you arrive to take photos?

Once you've called to let me know you're going to the hospital I will wait until around 6 cm and then make my way to the hospital!  

What if i go into labor before 37 weeks?

I will make every effort to get to your birth if you got into labor before the "on-call" timeframe. 

when should i book?

It's never to early to get your session booked. I usually reserve 2 spots a month for birth clients and space my calendar out accordingly.

What is a fresh 48 session?

Fresh 48's are for parents who would like to capture those fresh moments after birth. These are great for documenting siblings or grandparents meeting the baby for the first time! These are unposed and are taken within 48 hours while you're still in the hospital.

do you have any props if i do want a few posed photos?

I do have several baskets, furs, and wraps that can be used upon request!